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Member Spotlight – February 14, 2019



Our first member Spotlight today is of Satori. Where is Justin?

Satori is a Cannabis Retailer with 4 locations in Washington State and 1 in Alaska. The name
Satori is a Buddhist term for an awakening or sudden enlightenment. In Zen Buddhism, it is the
experience of "Seeing into one's True nature; that moment when the flow of energy allows you
to see the truth." The legal cannabis market represents an awakening of sorts within our
cultural norms. Satori MJ has a passion for cannabis and sound business practices.

Owner Justin Wilson, is a Spokane local and has supported the legalization movement for 25
years. Justin not only created Satori, but also built the first Piece of Mind retail store 19 years
ago in Spokane. Piece of Mind smoke shops has grown to 12 locations across the Northwest,
and has been awarded “Best Smoke/Head Shop” in Washington by Dope Magazine for three
consecutive years! Since they sell a wide range of smoking accessories, water pipes, and
vaporizers and it seemed like a natural transition to get into retail Cannabis.

Satori Bellingham joined the Cannabis Alliance in late 2016 in the early days of their operation
because they wanted to be a part of an advocacy group that was driven by strong ethics,
professionalism and feedback. Justin had friends who were on the Cannabis Alliance board and
they strongly encouraged that Satori Bellingham participate. As business grew so did the
Cannabis Alliance which is a strong group with great ties to make positive change in the
cannabis industry.

Justin would want other Cannabis Alliance members to know that he is particularly proud
that Satori has been instrumental in creating THE CENTER FOR MINDFUL USE (THE CMU). This is
a community center located next door to Satori Bellingham provides a free space for instructors
and educators to gather for such things as yoga classes, meditation, drum classes, cannabis
education and we are also a meeting hub for Cannabis Alliance meetings. It is a cannabis
friendly place to network with likeminded individuals.

The Cannabis Industry is quickly becoming a mature, sophisticated industry where cannabis
know how is only one facet of operating a successful retail establishment. Albeit cannabis
education is a big part of their training program and a very important part of Satori's success
they also have a strong foundation in customer service, inventory control, purchasing and
change management which have strongly contributed to their growth in Washington and

A big thank you to Satori and Justin Wilson.

Spotlight# 2 – Li Law, Nicole Li.


Our next member Spotlight today is Li Law and Northern Lights Legal, Attorney Nicole Li. Where
is Nicole?

The Li Law Firm specializes in serving the needs of health care providers as they interact with
insurance companies and regulators. Li Law also specialize in assisting health care providers in
their interactions with payers and regulators, specifically by defending providers against
allegations of professional misconduct from the Department of Health. Their specific practice
areas are Administrative, Business and Health Care Law.

Nicole was inspired to become involved in the cannabis industry in part because Cannabis
helped her obtain her professional degrees. Lifelong insomnia left her working at non-optimal
levels, but she made it through high school and college. As an adult, doctors prescribed her a
variety of sleep medications, all of which had undesirable side effects. Cannabis helped her
complete a master degree in philosophy, a master degree in bioethics, and a law degree. From
many angles, her life and work has been improved by Cannabis. She has had the privilege to
work in government and with professionals who maintain ignorance and stigma regarding
Cannabis. She is now happy to professionally associate with all aspects of Cannabis.

Legitimization should responsibly follow legalization.

Nicole joined the Cannabis Alliance because members of the Cannabis Alliance include the
coolest people in Seattle. Accomplished professionals from a diversity of fields, deeply
knowledgeable, united in belief in the unique goodness of this plant. Strong professional
connections, infused with friendship and trust, makes working in this area of law bearable.
Although it might look like fun, this job is actually super stressful.

As far as her business she wants other members to know that she does not have any admin
staff. She answers her own phone on behalf of herself and her associates. She also offers a
free 30 min consult to Cannabis Alliance members.

Nicole wants other members to know that she is impressed with the passion and commitment
she sees. Before going to law school, she worked in social justice, for nonprofits involved in
girls'/women's wellbeing. Running a mission-driven organization is very challenging. It's tough
to capture and channel the energy of so many smart folks in a strategic way – Nicole is very
impressed with how The Cannabis Alliance has adapted and maintained itself.

A big thank you to Northern Lights Legal and Nicole Li.

Nicole Li, The Li Law Firm, P.S.
Phone: 206-450-3547, Fax: 206-770-7277

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