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Member Spotlight – January 9, 2018

It’s time for: The Cannabis Alliance Members Spotlight!

Each month we highlight one of our long term Alliance members and welcome
one of our new members. We hope this helps you to learn a little more about
each other’s businesses, and will help you network, build your businesses, your
friendships and our community too!

Also please remember that as members you have the opportunity to have your
business profile on our website, including logo. So if you haven’t already sent us
this information, put it at the top of your to do list so we can put it up on our
website and help promote your business. Thanks!

First up we have our New Member:

Medicine Creek Analytics


Medicine Creek Analytics is a full-service cannabis analysis testing lab
located in the Seattle area. Good science, like good business, is about
reliability. Believing that transparency is the key to long-term success,
their cannabis analysis laboratory is the gold standard in accurate
cannabis testing. With top-of-the-line, Shimadzu laboratory equipment and a highly educated scientific team, they provide the best in medical
marijuana testing as well as tests for recreational cannabis.

Medicine Creek Analytics has a strong commitment to ethics, accuracy,
accountability, and scientific excellence. Their leadership extends
beyond industry testing into academic research and clinical-grade
medical marijuana development.

Medicine Creek Analytics is a non-profit corporation owned by The
Puyallup Tribe of Indians, whose interest in cannabis quality control
stems from its desire to develop natural medicines for treating cancer
patients in their community, they are the first tribally affiliated cannabis
testing lab in the U.S.

Their tribally-sanctioned lab came about in part to ensure safe medical
marijuana for cancer patients within the Puyallup Tribe itself, which is
why their lab is located within the tribe's cancer center. Known for being
“a generous people,” the Puyallup tribe also sees their cannabis lab as
an opportunity to support a more natural way of managing pain and a
way to promote safety within Washington's emerging cannabis industry.
Is anyone from Medicine Creek Analytics here with us today?

Let’s give Medicine Creek Analytics a warm Alliance welcome!

Next we have our Long-term member:

Jen Chan of Jen Chan Massages


Jen Chan, is a Licensed Massage Therapist and longtime Cannabis
Activist and Business Owner. Jen was also awarded The Alliance’s
Volunteer of the Year last year at the Summit 2017 – Jen was a tireless
and awesome volunteer for the Alliance.

Jen is a bi-coastal massage therapist who provides customized
therapeutic massage sessions for relaxation, pain relief and other health
concerns in a nurturing and supportive atmosphere. Jen believes body
work is too important to be treated as a luxury. She is trained in a
variety of modalities, and you can find out more on her website by
checking out the “my services” page

In May of 2015 Jen was the first massage therapist on mainstream TV in
WA to speak of the benefits of CHABA (Cannabis Health & Beauty Aids).
Jen says: Thanks to her clients and veteran clients, she has seen with her
own eyes the exponential benefits of using CHABA in massage therapy.

Jen is now teaching the first continuing education class on CHABA &
Cannabis 101 for WA LMPs & other professions such as medical
consultants in the WA i502 industry. For more information on classes
check out CONTINUING EDUCATION TAB on her website.

So I asked Jen some questions about how she became inspired to work in the cannbis industry, here are her responses:

1) Why did you join The Cannabis Alliance?

I wanted to continue my participation with the WA MJ Assoc. and my
membership with the CCSE with a reputable organization.

2) What inspired you to become involved in The Cannabis Industry?

I closed the majority of my massage business and moved up here to
help my parents with their seafood industry. When I tried to start my
massage practice in WA, I ran into many veterans who wanted me to
use their cannabis infused topicals to massage them as it made a drastic
difference. When I saw how much of a difference it made in my clients,
it became a mission to promote the benefits of massage AND cannabis.

3) What is one thing you would want our members to know about your

I wear MANY hats, but my passion IS massage therapy (with or without
cannabis). I am very flexible and can massage anywhere. I am the first
CHABA massage therapist out of the green closet and now teach the
first continuing education class on CHABA and CANNABIS 101 FOR WA
LMTs. My 4 hours CE class also meets continuing education
requirements for any other Dept of Health professional INCLUDING
medical consultants (aka bud tenders who took the medical consultant

4) How does being well educated about cannabis help you succeed and
serve in this industry?"

I am able to provide facts to the people who cross my path. I have
become the go to person for the massage therapists who have taken my
class and becoming a leader in the massage industry on the subject.

A BIG thank you to Jen Chan, Jen Chan Massages.

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