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Member Spotlight – September 10, 2018

Hello Everyone!

We have a new Cannabis Alliance volunteer opportunity at the end of October!
The LemonHaze Cannabis Convention & Comedy Festival 2018 will be held at the
Tacoma Dome on Oct 25 & 26 (Thursday and Friday). The Alliance will have a
booth there and will need volunteer help starting on Wednesday, Oct 24 for
booth setup. There is a signup sheet in the back at the check in area if you would
like to volunteer for this event.

OK so now it is time for: The Cannabis Alliance Members Spotlight! We spotlight
two member each month so we can all get to know each other and learn about
each other’s businesses.

First up we have our Ryan Sevigny, Landrace Labs

Where is Ryan? Would you wave so everyone knows where you are?

Next up we have Rachael Brower, Cannabis Advocate and Purchasing Manager at Cannabis City

Where is Rachael? Would you wave so everyone knows where you are?

Rachael Brower is the Purchasing Manager for Cannabis City, the first recreational
cannabis shop to ever open in Seattle. Rachael is active in the cannabis
community by being a diversified advocate in areas of women of cannabis,
women of color, and the LGBTQ communities. A native of Las Vegas, a Mother of
two, and a former Director of Post Sales Concierge at Chevrolet, Rachael has
charted a path to success through hard work and dedication to her passion for
cannabis and holistic health.

Let’s give Rachael Brower warm Alliance welcome!

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